Reject Dance Theatre (RDT) is a modern/contemporary dance company founded by Smith College MFA alums Rebecca Hite Teicheira, Stephanie Simpson, and Stephen Ursprung. The mission of RDT is to continuously challenge an audience’s perception of dance; whether it be by exploring the boundaries of one’s physicality, integrating various mediums of visual and dramatic arts, challenging preconceived notions of commercialized dance forms, or delving into the psychology of dance. We find work most exciting when our bodies become strange to us; when we can look at the human form in a different light and discover new qualities within our moving selves that have previously lain dormant.

Currently, RDT is based in both New York City and Boston and has performed in a variety of venues and festivals across the country including: “MixMatch Dance Festival” in Los Angeles; “Built on Stilts Festival” in Martha’s Vineyard, MA; “Take Root” in NY; The Massachusetts Dance Festival Gala Concert; Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY; The New Britain Museum of American Art in CT; Trinity Rep Theater in Providence, RI; Boston Center for the Arts in MA; and many more.